"part Holocaust memoir, part ghost story, part Hebrew folklore, part surrealistic road epic."
The Bloomsbury Review

A Blessing on the Moon

Music by Andy Teirstein, Libretto by Andy Teirstein and Joseph Skibell

A Blessing on the Moon, the novel by Joseph Skibell

A Blessing on the Moon

"Twelve years ago I read a book that profoundly moved me. It was called A Blessing on the Moon, and it was a first novel by a writer named Joseph Skibell. I found myself entering a broken world in which animals can speak, the fallen moon is pulled from a pit of bones, and a lost village rises from beneath the earth to follow a crow through the forest. The protagonist of the book, Chaim Skibelski, based on Joseph Skibell’s own great-grandfather, is a Polish Jew murdered by the Germans during the war. The story, which masterfully chronicles the effects of genocide on both the pursuers and the pursued, is entirely pertinent to today’s world, I thought. The pages seemed to be crying out to be musicalized." - Andy Teirstein, composer

The novel received the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. A Book of the Month Club selection, the novel was named one of the year's best books by Publishers Weekly, Le Monde and Amazon.Com, and has been translated into half a dozen languages. To learn more, visit Amazon.com.

Joseph Skibell

A Blessing on the Moon;s author, Joseph Skibell

Joseph Skibell is the author of three novels, most recently A Curable Romantic, which received the Sami Rohr Award in Jewish Literature. A recipient of a Halls Fellowship, a Michener Fellowship and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, Skibell was inducted into the Sami Rohr Literary Institute in 2011. A professor at Emory University, he has taught at the University of Wisconsin, the Humber School for Writers, the Taos Summer Writers Conference, the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas, and Bar-Ilan University. He is the director of the Richard Ellmann Lectures in Modern Literature. [josephskibell.com, Photo: Jeffrey Allen]