"part Holocaust memoir, part ghost story, part Hebrew folklore, part surrealistic road epic."
The Bloomsbury Review

A Blessing on the Moon

Music by Andy Teirstein, Libretto by Andy Teirstein and Joseph Skibell

Composer Andy Teirstein

A Blessing on the Moon's composer and producer, Andy Teirstein

Composer Andy Teirstein's work is inspired by the rich and diverse folk roots of modern culture. His music has been described by The New York Times and The Village Voice as "magical," "ingenious," and "superbly crafted." A student of Leonard Bernstein, Henry Brant, and David Del Tredici, Teirstein writes music for the concert hall, film, theater, and dance. He is the recipient of the 2008 New York Foundaton for the Arts Music Composition Fellowship, and the American Composer Forum Continental Harmony commission, among other awards.

To preview Andy's compositions, please click the "Maramures" and "Kopanitza" links in the music player on the right-hand side of this window.

"Maramures, Mvt. III" of Andy Teirstein's Viola Concerto, Danielle Farina soloist, The Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Winstin, conductor. From Teirstein's  CD, "Open Crossings."

"Kopanitza," a duo by Andy Teirstrein for Violin and Viola, Yuri Vodovoz, Violin, Andy Teirstein, Viola.

These pieces are inspired by music Teirstein collected while on a grant from the Soros Foundation to collect music in Eastern Europe.

To hear an interview with the composer, click here.

The Grammy-nominated Warsaw Village Band

A Blessing on the Moon's music performed by Warsaw Village Band
"The Warsaw Village Band has revived traditional Polish roots music bringing forth the soul of Poland." - Erika Borsos on the album, People's Spring

Without a doubt, the six-member Warsaw Village Band is one of the most important and well- known musical ambassadors of European culture. Their modern brand of traditional folk music has garnered BBC Radio Awards and a Grammy nomination among a raft of other accolades. [Chutzpah! Festival]

Warsaw Village Band will perform the music for A Blessing on the Moon. To preview their international debut album, People's Spring, click the tracks "Matthew" and "At My Mother's" in the music player on the right-hand side of this window.

For more information about the band, visit their websit: warsawvillageband.net.